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In addition, a crown function indication that's connected to the stem allows one to know what position the crown is in: time-setting or winding mode. This is to ensure that the user doesn't accidentally engage time adjustment when the minute repeater is engaged. Giving the complication a sexier and cooler appeal, they've also chosen to tune the gongs to C and G flat notes, which is a diminished fifth tritone. The sinister-sounding tone is made famous in the "Diabolus in Musica" chord, that was found in several notable symphonies and often associated with the Devil in medieval times. The sound is enhanced by the case material, which is light weight and hard, like titanium, which acts as a great acoustic conductor for the chimes.

The Diabolus in Machina, or Devil in the Machine, plays a diminished fifth chime.

The repeater also has a pusher rather than a sliding lever for operations,Replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut which makes it sealable and thus water resistant. An all-or-nothing mechanism is also connected to the pusher, so that the pusher activates only when completely pressed and doesn't re-trigger when the repeater is already in operation.

The same RD107 minute repeater tourbillon caliber powers this watch, which is housed in CarTech Micro-Melt BioDur CCMTM, along with NAC coating on the bridges and plate of the movement. In fact, the gongs are made in the same material because it sounds out the tritone in the exact tone, according to the brand.

According to Replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut' product development director Gregory Bruttin, the manufacturing process of the material (compressed from a powder), means that the material is utterly pure and also has a higher tensile strength. This results in a purer pitch for the tones in the minute repeater, and ensures a high consistency in the quality of sound across board.

This is a unique piece, named 'Diabolus in Machina',Roger Dubuis Replica Watches which in Latin means "Devil in the Machine". It's certainly a name we can associate with Replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut and its enfant terrible lead, Gregory Bruttin.

Technical Specifications


Self-winding RD107 caliber; hours and minutes; flying tourbillon; minute repeater; crown function indicator; chiming indication; 60-hour power reserve


45mm case in CarTech Micro-Melt Biodur CCMTM; water resistant to 30m


Interchangeable 3D calf leather strap with titanium folding buckle